About the Digital Intangible Heritage Research Archive

Digital media do not merely transmit heritage: intangible heritage is potentially shaped via technology. Digital recordings of intangible heritage could also have an impact on the very media that circulate this heritage. Exploring these dynamics is the key focus of this digital archive. The research outlined and discussed in the archive examines processes of concretization as well as change and transformation through an exploration of the relation between intangible heritage and digital technology. These processes are addressed through the prism of economic, social, cultural, religious and/or political dimensions. Underlying these dimensions is the relation between intangible heritage and social justice. The role that digital media, including social media, play within this relation is highlighted. The archive raises the issue of whether the recording and dissemination of intangible heritage via digital media promote or counter cultural diversity, gender equality, community rights and human rights in local, national and transnational spaces. It further contemplates whether the digital storing and transmission of intangible heritage reinforce or challenge inequities that privilege the cultures of the global north over those of the global south. The research documented here is not intended to be static and fixed. It is instead a process that reflects the interconnection between developments in digital media and the mutability that lies at the core of intangible heritage. To capture the fluidity of this research terrain, the archived contents are updated as researchers/practitioners build upon previous scholarship/practice to adapt to changing circumstances. The discussion forums enable researchers/practitioners to actively engage with their audiences, enriching their work through interaction and dialogue.

The archive is devoted to promoting the work and scholarship of researchers/practitioners who delve into the relationship between intangible heritage and digital media. The featured heritage includes both intangible forms that are officially recognized by UNESCO as well as living heritage that is not sanctioned by this global institution. This site provides researchers/practitioners the opportunity to disseminate their work, while building a valuable resource for students, scholars and practitioners. The work highlighted draws from leading scholars in the field in addition to graduate students, early-career scholars and practitioners. The research displayed and discussed here is broad enough in scope to attract audiences from within numerous academic disciplines/fields as well as beyond the academy.

If you would like to contribute to the archive, please leave a message via the contact page of this site or write to Sheenagh Pietrobruno at either of the following email addresses: